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Neet Code
Good place to start when leetcoding, watching the videos helps break down DSA

Svelte repl tutorials
All the basics when learning svelte, and you can play with the code in browser

Js13k Games resources
Another resource list if intersted in making a js13k like games/entries

Astro builds/templates
Good place to start when looking at how others make astro sites.

Development environment for front-end designers and developers

Hyper color
Some really cool tailwind gradients!

Color palette generator
Good for getting good color schemes/palettes.

AcmCSUF wiki
List of resources provided by

Simple way to deploy frontend web apps

How the web works
Article that highlights what happens behind the scenes when you perform a google search on the internet.

Networking: a complete guide
Brief overview on computer networking by IBM.

Real world bug hunting: A field guide to web hacking
Primer on web security vulnerabilities, filled with examples and stories.

Port swigger web security labs
Great and fun resource to learn about different web vulnerabilities with labs and examples.

Makes testing APIs simple by allowing you to do so in browser

Great github repo of payloads when doing CTFs

Overview of Cryptography
Pretty nice for referencing and reading up on cryptography

Ez gif
Free and simple resource for quick photo cropping/editing online

Security Roadmap
A comprehensive guide outlining the certifications available based on your specific security focus, providing a clear roadmap for visualization.

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